Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Arts Reflection

In term 3 we learnt about the elements of drama and dance. In dance I learnt about directions which are forwards, backwards, right, left, up and down, and different movements like explosive sliding, and also range which can be close and far away.

I think that my learning is at multistructural because I worked with a group of kids and we wrote a play to show we love Waimairi school, and that we enjoy the road patrol at our school, because it keeps us safe and helps us get to school safely. 

In our play we used dialogue because the characters talked to each other. We knew when to use stage directions - when to go on and when to come off. Me, Toby, and Jordan were playwrighters because we created the play. We also had characters who talked to each other. The setting helped us figure out the costumes and the props. 

My next step for my learning would be to use monologue and have a protagonist and an antagonist character in the play.

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