Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Term 3 discovery reflection

This term I have discovered how to make a big marble run out of nails and wood. It was really fun to make because when I put a marble down the marble run it sounded like music.

While doing this I have learned that I should plan out a pattern out of pencil before putting in the nails.

I have been challenged to make a pattern while nails are blocking the way because I hadn’t done this before the nails went in.  I have overcome the challenge by getting support from a parent so they could draw the pattern for me.

I have tried to develop more patience in my projects this term. I definitely know that I have improved with this because I took my time to put nails in and I tested the marble run before putting in other nails.

In term 4 I am looking forward to making new stuff at discovery time that is more challenging.

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