Sunday, 10 September 2017

Awesome Adventure

Being a kid is awesome because you can have lots of fun adventures. Why be an adult when you could be a kid? This is a speech about my childhood memories.… I rose up the slide, holding onto the handle with all my strength, slowly reaching the highest point. The nerves in my body sent butterflies flying around my stomach. My hands started to sweat as I tried not to slip, uh oh, I’d reached eight metres. One by one my fingers slipped off the handle... 3 2 1 “Let go!” yelled my dad. Off I dropped, speeding down the slide at  least 30 kilometres per hour, screaming my head off as the slide burnt my hands and peeled my skin off.

Once it was finally over I eyed up this huge tower, much taller than me called “The Leap Of Faith.” I really wanted to do it, so before I did it, I watched other people have a go.  Most the people I watched completely missed the handle and slowly got pulled back down. I really wanted to take this challenge on, so I climbed up the ladder.

Every step I took my tummy rumbled loudly. Once I reached the top of the tower my mind was telling me to go back down, but there was only one way down - jump!… I made a huge leap and surprisingly I made contact with the handle and swung like a monkey. My mum, dad and my brother clapped and cheered. I was super happy. I let go of the handle, slowly getting pulled back down to the ground. We had to go home after that but I didn’t care I was just happy that I’d made the jump.  

Man being a kid is cool. How about that time I was up at the mountain having the time of my life with my family?

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