Sunday, 28 May 2017

Crab hunting

                                                               Crab hunting

Room 11 strolled to the beach.  When we had reached our destination we scavenged around and hunted for crabs.  We had good eyes and could see sneaky crabs scuttling under the rocks.  The sound of the sea was like a really loud lion roaring with anger.  I could see some of the rocks were jammed between other rocks and were very hard to lift and many people struggled.

I could feel the crab trying to pinch me as it wriggled out of my hand.  The rockfish were really slimy and slippery and they were too fast and camouflaged so we couldn't catch them.
I really enjoyed looking for crabs and rockfish and so did the rest of my class.

All of a sudden Michael yelled out “Huge crab!” I rushed to check out the crab only to find he was joking.  Before I knew he was joking I called Shane's name out and then I heard Michael.  But before I could tell Shane that Michael was just kidding he rushes over and lifts the rock up.  Surprisingly there were six huge crabs under the rock. Shane was relieved that Michael wasn't kidding so he gave him a high five.

We continued looking for crabs and fish. Out of nowhere I heard some sounds under one of the rocks. I lifted the rock up and there was a rockfish flapping around trying to escape, so I picked the fish up and it acted dead, I thought that it was actually dead. I put it back in the water and it flew through the rocks making it’s way to the sea like it was a bird struggling to fly.

As we strolled back to the campsite, we stumbled and tripped over rocks and stood in thick, oozy, sticky mud.  As I walked, I fell in puddles, stumbled, tripped, got sticky mud all over my shoes and got pushed over by my friends.

When I arrived back at camp I ran as fast as I could to my bunk room to put really warm clothes on. I yelled out loud “Best day ever!”

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