Sunday, 19 March 2017

Charlie and the terrible horrible no good very bad day

          Charlie And The No Good Terrible Very Bad Day

As soon as I woke up I hopped out of my bed but then I tripped over my orange and black soccer ball, fell on my head and got concussion, and had to go to hospital. When we were driving to the hospital a car crashed right beside us. It burst into flames, the ambulance caught on fire as well. A fire engine had to come to put it out but, the fire engine broke down so the fire was still going. All of a sudden the fire randomly stopped and disappeared.  Then… an alarm went off for a tsunami⚠️ 

We saw the water get sucked out to sea, the tsunami had started, it then rushed straight towards us. I didn't know what was happening outside so I stayed calm. I had survived concussion, a fire, but could I survive a tsunami? Who knows? 

To be continued…

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