Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Bob the Hypno Clown

Bob the hypnotising clown has really curly rainbow hair, he's really fat. Even though he's really fat he's 6.9 metres tall! He wears a tree looking suit so when someone is about to look at him he hides inside his suit to look like a tree.  Bob’s tree suit is very tall and wide, it's dark brown and has some sticks poking out. His face is covered with paint, his lips are red, his face is white and he has black rings under his eyes. 

Bob is very grumpy and energetic. He likes to hypnotise people,making them lose their memory, because he never wants to get noticed as he thinks he's ugly. He hides in a tree suit so he doesn't get noticed by people. Bob technically has superpowers because he can hypnotise people.  When someone is not looking at him he puts his hands on his head and stares at them to hypnotise them. He likes to hang out on his own but he has a special friend, Timmy the Troll.

Bob has never talked in his life because he doesn't 
know how to speak and he can't be bothered to learn how to speak. He is known to use sign language and that's how he communicates with his friend Timmy. He is known for his thumbs up and cut it out hand signals.

Bob and Timmy love to go to the beach but sometimes they get glass in their feet. Bob is very kind to Timmy. Timmy doesn't understand why he is so mean to people because Bob makes them lose all their memories.

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