Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Speech reflection

The parts of writing my speech I enjoyed the most was  concentrating and ignoring my friends. A thing that I found challenging was trying to think of a topic for my speech writing.
I overcame this challenge by talking to my teacher by saying “there is lots of things in the whole wide world that I want but I can't afford to buy”, I also talk to my mum about ideas and I did loads of thinking. Overall I feel great about the way my speech was written because it had energetic words and I told some stories that the audience could connect to.

As I practiced reading my speech out loud I tried to make some hand gestures.  I think I did the following things well as I presented my speech to the class - I think that I projected my voice well, used good expression and did some hand gestures.  I was challenged to look away from my notes and look at the audience.  I overcame this challenge by thinking the audience was wearing underpants, that gave me confidence to look at them.  It was trying to find where I was at on my cue cards after I'd looked at the audience. Overall I feel happy about the presentation of my speech because I have spoken to the class and it's done and dusted now.

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