Sunday, 11 September 2016

Everything is free!

Imagine walking into your favourite store …. you saw something that you really wanted to buy.... you checked the price and it said it was free! How great would that be?  

Do you think the world would be a better place if everything was free? Your favourite pair of shoes were starting to look worn out. They had played many a game of rugby, jumped through mud puddles and been stood on by heaps of your classmates. The time had come to look at purchasing some new shoes. When you walk into Rebel Sport the first thing you see is a really flash pair of Nike shoes.  You want them so badly, you check the price and they are one hundred and fifty dollars. “Oh I can't afford to buy those” you say sadly to yourself. Suddenly the manager walks out of his office, grabs the shoes, walks back into his office,  walks back out - what had he done? The price tag now had the word ‘free’ written on it free! Yippee! Can you imagine that? Well I can, don't you wish it happened to you?  I do because there are lots of things that I want and there are lots of things that I can't afford to buy. 

I would like it if my dad wouldn't have to go to work everyday and earn money because it takes quite a while to get it. It would be really fun if he could help out for school trips and lots of other things.

Everytime I ask my mum to buy something the answer is no. I asked my mum for an iPod - No.  How about a new pillow? Sorry but no. A slime ball? Nope. Please can I at least have something? No! 

Would my world and your world be better if everything was free?
Just imagine it, you could get anything you've ever dreamed of how about a new Xbox or a new television or a new PlayStation? How awesome would that be? I'm off to go and grab a brand new Ripstik for free!