Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Discovery time reflection

                     Discovery time reflection.

The thing that I enjoyed the most was doing woodwork because I got to help my friends and they shared with me a lot. The first time I ever did woodwork I thought I was going to cut my finger off.  The challenge I encountered during discovery time was trying to keep the nails to stand still because every time I hit a nail in, a different nail would just fall out of the wood.  I overcame this challenge by holding the wood straight so it would keep the nail more balanced.  I've learnt a new skill at woodwork, that you should always have at least two fingers on the nail to make it balance.  I've become better at hitting the nails in because I don't nail it very soft anymore because I don’t want to bang my finger with the hammer. Now I'm very careful banging the nail hard.
I feel happy about doing woodwork because I have come across some hard challenges and I've overcome most of challenges.  

I have been challenged to take time to work things out. I overcame this challenge by planning ahead and trying not to rush. I think I am better at planning ahead and being responsible because I don't muck around anymore because I know that I shouldn't be silly.

In term 4 I'm looking forward to more woodwork because I can discover lots more.

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