Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The story behind my name

Welcome to the story of my name. My mum and dad picked my name. Mum and dad went out for a coffee before I was born. Mum said I like Charlie for a boy or a girls name. Dad said that's a great name, let's call our baby Charlie.  My name connects me to my family because my middle name is John, the same as my dad's middle name.

If I had been born a girl I would have been called Charlie, the same name Charlie but spelt without an E. My family has many nicknames for me such as Chuggles, Charles, Chuggly Muggly, and Chugga.

I like my name because it can be a boy or a girl name. I like that I have the same middle name as my dad


  1. You've improved alot from last year and it all makes sense and youve made into a story not a list.

  2. I love your funny nicknames and your layout of the story well done!