Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Arts Reflection

In term 3 we learnt about the elements of drama and dance. In dance I learnt about directions which are forwards, backwards, right, left, up and down, and different movements like explosive sliding, and also range which can be close and far away.

I think that my learning is at multistructural because I worked with a group of kids and we wrote a play to show we love Waimairi school, and that we enjoy the road patrol at our school, because it keeps us safe and helps us get to school safely. 

In our play we used dialogue because the characters talked to each other. We knew when to use stage directions - when to go on and when to come off. Me, Toby, and Jordan were playwrighters because we created the play. We also had characters who talked to each other. The setting helped us figure out the costumes and the props. 

My next step for my learning would be to use monologue and have a protagonist and an antagonist character in the play.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Term 3 discovery reflection

This term I have discovered how to make a big marble run out of nails and wood. It was really fun to make because when I put a marble down the marble run it sounded like music.

While doing this I have learned that I should plan out a pattern out of pencil before putting in the nails.

I have been challenged to make a pattern while nails are blocking the way because I hadn’t done this before the nails went in.  I have overcome the challenge by getting support from a parent so they could draw the pattern for me.

I have tried to develop more patience in my projects this term. I definitely know that I have improved with this because I took my time to put nails in and I tested the marble run before putting in other nails.

In term 4 I am looking forward to making new stuff at discovery time that is more challenging.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Awesome Adventure

Being a kid is awesome because you can have lots of fun adventures. Why be an adult when you could be a kid? This is a speech about my childhood memories.… I rose up the slide, holding onto the handle with all my strength, slowly reaching the highest point. The nerves in my body sent butterflies flying around my stomach. My hands started to sweat as I tried not to slip, uh oh, I’d reached eight metres. One by one my fingers slipped off the handle... 3 2 1 “Let go!” yelled my dad. Off I dropped, speeding down the slide at  least 30 kilometres per hour, screaming my head off as the slide burnt my hands and peeled my skin off.

Once it was finally over I eyed up this huge tower, much taller than me called “The Leap Of Faith.” I really wanted to do it, so before I did it, I watched other people have a go.  Most the people I watched completely missed the handle and slowly got pulled back down. I really wanted to take this challenge on, so I climbed up the ladder.

Every step I took my tummy rumbled loudly. Once I reached the top of the tower my mind was telling me to go back down, but there was only one way down - jump!… I made a huge leap and surprisingly I made contact with the handle and swung like a monkey. My mum, dad and my brother clapped and cheered. I was super happy. I let go of the handle, slowly getting pulled back down to the ground. We had to go home after that but I didn’t care I was just happy that I’d made the jump.  

Man being a kid is cool. How about that time I was up at the mountain having the time of my life with my family?

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Crab hunting

                                                               Crab hunting

Room 11 strolled to the beach.  When we had reached our destination we scavenged around and hunted for crabs.  We had good eyes and could see sneaky crabs scuttling under the rocks.  The sound of the sea was like a really loud lion roaring with anger.  I could see some of the rocks were jammed between other rocks and were very hard to lift and many people struggled.

I could feel the crab trying to pinch me as it wriggled out of my hand.  The rockfish were really slimy and slippery and they were too fast and camouflaged so we couldn't catch them.
I really enjoyed looking for crabs and rockfish and so did the rest of my class.

All of a sudden Michael yelled out “Huge crab!” I rushed to check out the crab only to find he was joking.  Before I knew he was joking I called Shane's name out and then I heard Michael.  But before I could tell Shane that Michael was just kidding he rushes over and lifts the rock up.  Surprisingly there were six huge crabs under the rock. Shane was relieved that Michael wasn't kidding so he gave him a high five.

We continued looking for crabs and fish. Out of nowhere I heard some sounds under one of the rocks. I lifted the rock up and there was a rockfish flapping around trying to escape, so I picked the fish up and it acted dead, I thought that it was actually dead. I put it back in the water and it flew through the rocks making it’s way to the sea like it was a bird struggling to fly.

As we strolled back to the campsite, we stumbled and tripped over rocks and stood in thick, oozy, sticky mud.  As I walked, I fell in puddles, stumbled, tripped, got sticky mud all over my shoes and got pushed over by my friends.

When I arrived back at camp I ran as fast as I could to my bunk room to put really warm clothes on. I yelled out loud “Best day ever!”

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Halswell Quarry

I went to Halswell Quarry on March 16th, 2017. The reason I took this photo is because it made me  feel ‘WOW’.  We learnt about some interesting stones and that a very long time ago 11 men, who worked at the quarry, had to hang off a cliff, tied to a rope and mine with a pickaxe by hand. These men played Poker at night to see who would have the first bath and whoever lost had to go last.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Discovering my whakapapa

My full name is Charlie John Falconer.  My parents chose my name because they wanted to give me a unisex name.  I was born in 2007 on 31st January at 11:30am at St George's Hospital.

My family chose our house because it was a quiet street where we were going to live and it had a lot of land.  
I have a lot of relatives very close to me, I have my grandma, uncle, aunt and my cousins.

I remember my grandma because she had a big fluffy dog and she also bought a very special toy for me.  A story that has come down to me was when Prince Charles visited New Zealand, my grandfather was the doctor for Prince Charles.

The most valuable things my parents have taught me was to talk, to ski, to ride my bike, and my family is the most important thing to me.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Charlie and the terrible horrible no good very bad day

          Charlie And The No Good Terrible Very Bad Day

As soon as I woke up I hopped out of my bed but then I tripped over my orange and black soccer ball, fell on my head and got concussion, and had to go to hospital. When we were driving to the hospital a car crashed right beside us. It burst into flames, the ambulance caught on fire as well. A fire engine had to come to put it out but, the fire engine broke down so the fire was still going. All of a sudden the fire randomly stopped and disappeared.  Then… an alarm went off for a tsunami⚠️ 

We saw the water get sucked out to sea, the tsunami had started, it then rushed straight towards us. I didn't know what was happening outside so I stayed calm. I had survived concussion, a fire, but could I survive a tsunami? Who knows? 

To be continued…